Best Supporting Actress

Best Supporting Actress Winners

2007---Marcia Gay Harden as Mrs. Carmody in The Mist
2008---Beatrice Dalle as La Femme in Inside
2009---Gabrielle Rose as Vivian Matheson in Grace
2010---Sue Stevens as Susan in The Wrong House
2011---Lin Shaye as Elise Rainer in Insidious
2012---Traci Lords as Phyllis in Excision
2013---Lili Taylor as Carolyn Perron in The Conjuring
2014---Rima Te Wiata as Miriam Bucknell in Housebound
2015---Deanna Dunagan as Nana in The Visit
2016---Melynda Kiring as Mrs. Garrett in All Through the House
2017---Betty Buckley as Dr. Karen Fletcher in Split

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