Awards Committee

The goal with the Fright Meter Awards is to make them a prestigious and sought after honor for those involved in the horror genre.    For the 2011 and beyond Fright Meter Awards, we are seeking those involved in the genre and/or those who are extreme fans of horror to be part of our Fright Meter Awards committee.   This group will be responsible for selecting the nominees and, ultimately, the winners of the annual Fright Meter Awards.

To be considered, you must:
  • Be involved in the horror genre (writer, blogger, filmmaker, actor, etc...)
  • Be an extreme fan of horror---one who seeks out and watches virtually any and every horror film released during the year (well, not EVERY, but you get the point!).  We want individuals who are going have a breadth of horror film viewings to draw from for their nominations, not just the high-profile films released in theaters.  
As a Fright Meter Awards committee member, you must agree to:

  • Submit your nominations in a timely manner.  Nominations for the Fright  Meter Awards are usually announced the first or second week of January.  Instructions will be given on the requirements for nominations
  • Vote for one of the selected five nominees who you think truly deserves to win the given category.
  • Possess no bias in your nominating and voting. 
Again, we'd like to ultimately have a committee of highly respected individuals who will aid in making the Fright Meter Awards the premiere horror film award in the industry.  This is a process that will take up very little of your time (apart from the watching of as many horror films as you can during the year...but that is FUN!) in the scheme of the year.

If you are interested in serving on the Fright Meter Awards committee, please contact me at with a brief mention of interest and a description of what makes you qualified or send us a private message through our Facebook page.