Welcome to Fright Meter!
Fright Meter was created because of my extensive love and knowledge of the horror genre.  Originally, my main focus was going to be on my own personal horror movie awards---the Fright Meter Awards.  Besides me being a horror genre fan, I am also a huge movie awards fan.  It has always irked me that the horror genre has been virtually ignored by the major awards groups, despite the plethora of worthy genre films and performances released each year.  I now also include my own personal reviews of the various films that I view.

About Me:

Troy Escamilla: 

Troy has been an avid horror movie fan for over twenty-five years. His love for horror film started at the age seven, when his parents took him to the drive-in to see "Poltergeist." The tension and excitement that the film provided instantly hooked him and from that point forward, he made a point to see every horror film he could get his hands on. Currently, Troy owns well over 600 movies. In addition to watching horror movies on an almost daily basis, Troy has written two slasher screenplays (currently unproduced) and runs Fright Meter, a site where he posts his reviews and conducts his own personal "horror movie awards." Troy's favorite horror movie is the original "Black Christmas." Currently, Troy is a high school English teacher.