2016 Fright Meter Awards "Best Short Horror Film" Contenders

As we head towards the end of the year, we at the Fright Meter Awards are now days away from the end of this year's eligibility period and our committee members have been viewing as many new horror films as humanly possible. This also includes short horror films. We are now proud to announce the list of 25 contenders in our 2016 "Best Short Horror Film" category. There are as follows...

Directed by Richard Powell.
Starring - Bill Oberst Jr, Robert Nolan, Justin Major, Jane Pokou, and Mateo D'Avino.

Night Stalker
Directed by New Media Ltd.
Starring Maya Kazan, Keenan Mitchell, Michelle Dickie, Michael Dickie, Rommel Genciana.

You Only Die Once
Directed by Amanda B. Goodman.
Starring: Phil Casale, Teegan Curitz, John DeSilvestri, Amanda B. Goodman, Jen Keefe, Janet S. Kim, Lyssa Mandel, Lianna Nielsen.

Seize the Night
Directed by Emma Dark.
Starring Emma Dark, Carey Thring, Anthony Ilott, Paul Ewen, Mark Sears, Chris Hampshire, Sharon O'Brien-Lumley, Merlyn Roberts, Laurence Joseph, Joel Brown, Beric Read.

Candy Skin
Directed by Kyle Martellacci.
Starring Renny Jachowicz, Stephanie Moran, Charles Alexander, Clayton Millette, Janice Martellacci, David Bonner.

Already Dead
Directed by Michael James Dean.
Starring Darren Ruston, Andrea Newland, Adam Diggle, Shelley Davenport, Tony Cook, Luke Shaw, Simon Bellars.

Pillow Fright
Directed by Patrick Rea.
Starring Jessi Burkette, Jennifer Seward-DeRock, Jessica Logsdon, Kristin Rea.

Deep Creek
Directed by David Christensen.
Starring Jay Beev, Matt Rutkowski.

Beast in the Cave
Directed by Cameron Mccasland.
Starring Wynn Reichert, Mark Greenbaum, Joseph Aguon Drake.

The Stylist
Directed by Jill Gevargizian.
Starring Najarra Townsend, Jennifer Plas, Angela Dupuie.

A Quiet Moment
Directed by Martin Bruyere, Steve Villeneuve.
Starring Kate Drummund, Brett Kelly.

Directed by Josiah M. Jones.
Starring Kurt Hanover, Katrina Faye Webster, Kristin Rea, Marilyn Hall.

El Gigante
Directed by Gigi Saul Guerrerp, Luke Bramley.
Starring David Forts, Edwin Perez, Mathias Retamal, Adelita Rockhill.

Directed by Liam Banks.
Starring Esmee Matthews, Matthew Barker.

Directed by Jake Hammond.
Starring Isadora Leiva, Pablo Gonzalez, Isabella Groff, Julie Moss, Luke Evans.

Demon's Dawn
Directed by Erdal Ceylan.
Starring Meelah Adams.

Hank Boyd Is Dead
Directed by Sean Melia.
Starring Stefanie Frame, David C. Wells, Liv Rooth, Michael Hogan, Carole Monferdini.

Killer Friends
Directed by Zach Noe Towers.
Starring Zach Noe Towers, Jenna-Lee Carreiro, Dave Racki, Peggy Sinnott.

Crimson Dance
Directed by Patricia Chica.
Starring Tonya Kay, Tiffany Shepis.

Directed by Prano Bailey-Bond.
Starring Albie Marber, Madeleine Hutchins, James Cutler.

Born Again
Directed by Jason Tostevin.
Starring ELLie Church, Randall Greenland, Brian Spangler, Tiffany Arnold, Jordan Fehr.

Quenottes (Pearlies)
Directed by Pascal Thiebaux, Gil Pinheiro.
Starring Lionel Abelanski, Matthieu Clement-Lescop.

Directed by Damon Rickard.
Starring Tom Gordon, Amanda Hunt.

They Live Inside Us
Directed by Michael Ballif.
Starring James Morris, Stevie Dutson.

The Shoes
Directed by Kevin Mendiboure.
Starring Clement Bonpoil.

These 25 shorts will be condensed down to 5 after the first round of voting by our members. The final 5 nominees will be announced shortly (late December), along with the full feature nominee list.

The Fright Meter Awards are presented annually by the Fright Meter Awards Organization, a non-profit organization dedicated solely to honoring and recognizing excellence within the horror genre. The nominations and winners are determined by members of the Fright Meter Awards Committee.

Members consist of horror fans, bloggers, actors, producers, directors, and others, making the Fright Meter Awards truly the most prestigious horror award given. The Fright Meter Awards aim to select and nominate worthy films regardless of budget, means of release, or popularity.

Past Winners...

LWhannell - 2015 Best Supporting Actor (Cooties)

Traci Lords - 2012 Best Supporting Actress (Excision)

Lynne Hansen - 2015 Best Short Horror Film (Chomp)

Lin Shaye - 2011 Best Supporting Actress (Insidious)

Tom Savini - 2013 Lifetime Achievement Award

Jovanka Vuckovic - 2013 Best Short Horror (The Captured Bird)

Jen & Silvia Soska - 2013 Best Screenplay (American Mary)

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