Blood Diner

Year: 1987
Director: Jackie Kong
Cast: Rick Burks, Carl Crew, LaNette LaFrance, Roger Dauer

I can remember being intrigued by the box of this film for the longest time when I was young, yet for some reason being terrified to watch it. The image of the neon sign with the hand holding the large butcher knife scared me for some reason. However, like most horror films, I eventually got around to watching it; unfortunately, the film was nowhere near as terrifying as I imagined.

First, it is important to realize that this film is definitely more comedy than horror. Granted, it is dark comedy with some gruesome murders thrown in, but still, the comedy outweighs the horror here. This is fine, as I have nothing against horror comedies--if they are done well. This one, however, is not. The premise should be slasher film gold, as the film centers around two psychotic brothers who run an isolated diner. They lure and kill young women in order to use them as a recipe for their various dishes. However, there is a subplot involving the brothers needing to make sacrifices to an long dead Egyptian queen that allows (or forces) the film to grapple with the comedic sub-plot that ultimately is the main downfall of the film. While the film sets up some creative and gory death scenes, they are played more for laughs than horror. The film tries too hard to be funny, and while fans of dark humor may be amused, horror fans will quickly become annoyed as the film ultimately drowns in its silliness.

Maybe my sense of humor is askew, but I did not find this film particularly amusing. Surely, though, there will be those who will, and to them I say more power to you. However, for true horror fans, be warned that this film will more than likely do nothing but frustrate you, Sure, you may get a few chuckles, mainly because of the stupidity of what you are seeing, but if a few chuckles is what you are looking for, turn on an old episode or "Roseanne." You'll be glad you did.

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