Early Peek at the Upcoming "Pin Up Dolls On Ice"

Director Geoff Klein provided us with some news and photos for his upcoming slasher film Pin Up Dolls On Ice.  It's a sequel to his 2009 film Bikini Girls On Ice (read our review here).  And though we weren't crazy about Bikini Girls, it did have potential and definitely contained some effective elements.  It is obvious that Klein appreciates and respects the genre, which certainly can't be said about many filmmakers who decide to throw together an independent horror film.  Those who wanted a tad more from Bikini Girls On Ice will appreciate that Klein promises Pin Up Dolls On Ice, which wrapped up principle photography on October 20th, will provide horror fans with "more gore, more nudity, and more Moe [the killer] back story."  It definitely sounds promising!   In the meantime, take a peek at some just released stills from the film as well as the brand new promotional poster pictured above.  It certainly appears that Klein intends on keeping his promise!

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