New Fright Meter Awards Website!

We are excited to reveal the brand new site that will be dedicated solely to the annual Fright Meter Awards!

Check out out at:  Fright Meter Awards

The goal of Fright Meter was always to cultivate the awards portion of the blog into something bigger--the most prestigious and recognized awards given specifically to the horror genre.   We are excited to take a step in that direction with this new website.   Please realize that most announcements regarding the awards, as well as any interviews will now be posted on the new site.  From this point forward, reviews will no longer be part of Fright Meter, though past reviews will remain on this blog, and we will continue to post articles pertaining to horror and horror news.

So, check out the brand new site.  You can browse past winners, view current contenders and vote for your favorites, and interact with the site in other ways.  Also, consider becoming part of the Fright Meter Award committee and have a say in nominating and choosing the Fright Meter Award recipients.  And lastly, please LIKE our new Facebook page dedicated to the awards and follow us on Twitter @FrightMeter!

Thanks for you continued support!

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