Your Vote Counts!

One of the wonderful and interactive features of our new website for the Fright Meter Awards is the ability for fans to let their voices be heard in terms of which films and performances they would like to see nominated for a Fright Meter Award.

On the page of the site, we have a carousel featuring the films that because of their quality, critical success, and popularity with fans, are serious contenders for Fright Meter Award nominations in at least two categories for the current year.  These are updated on a regular basis.  This is not to say that every film listed will receive a nomination OR that nominations are reserved for ONLY the films listed, but it gives fans a good indication of what films are in the running.  Users can also very easily see all of the contending films at once by clicking the link on the right side of the homepage titled SEE CURRENT CONTENDERS.

Now the fun part!  If you see a film or two that you absolutely loved and/or had a performance that you loved, you can vote for it to received a Fright Meter Award nomination!   Simply scroll down to the bottom of the contender's profile page and click VOTE FOR THIS NOMINEE.   You will then be taken to a screen where you select what category you would like to see the film nominated and why you are nominating.  Not only will your vote count, but your comment will also appear at the bottom of the film's profile page.   Check out this link for an example:

Your votes, along with input from the Fright Meter Awards Committee, will help determine the official nominees for the annual Fright Meter Awards!  Be sure to check back often as contending films are updated and if you don't see a film that you think should be listed, let us know!

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