The Premiere of the Teaser Trailer and Kickstarter Launched for Party Night!

With the launch of our Kickstarter campaign that will hopefully allow Party Night to be filmed this June, we have premiered the first official teaser trailer!  Our hope is that the trailer will give horror fans a glimpse of the tone and atmosphere we are intending for the film.

Party Night will be the first feature film from newly established Fright Meter Films.   The film was written by and will be produced by Troy Escamilla, founder and editor of and President of the Fright Meter Awards Committee.   Party Night is throwback 80's slasher film that focuses on six friends who become prey for a sadistic psychopath when they ditch their school's after prom party for their own celebration at a secluded house.  It will be directed by Timothy Sullins and will star Tommie Vegas and Billy Brannigan.

There is a lot of passion and talent behind the project. We  hope you enjoy the trailer and will consider supporting the film to ensure it gets made.   Even a simply sharing of the Kickstarter campaign on social media will be greatly appreciated!

Kickstarter Campaign:

Check out the teaser trailer:

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